Title screen of the first game.

The Red Chamber is the first game of the original Phantom Mansion series, named Spectrum of Souls. It introduces game elemets such as boxes, enemies, switches, keys and lost souls.

Created by 'Gimme5Games' in ____, it became popular very fast. Earning positive reviews, it isn't a well known game, as are the sequels.

The Red Chamber is a puzzle-adventure game, that tasks you in collecting lost souls, scattered throughout the level. With 21 levels in total and the shrine, it is pretty fun to play if you are bored.


Red chamber inscription

The inscription shown in the Red Chamber.

Hector is trapped in a huge, cursed mansion. To escape the Red Chamber, and break Red Death's curse, Hector must pass all the puzzle and collect all the trapped souls.

After Hector finishes the last puzzle room, he is granted entry to the Red Chamber Shrine. There he finds one of the masks. After collecting it he continues on to the The Orange Library

Ending red chamber

The ending inscription of the Red Chamber.